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Platform, OS and Intelligent Products for Monitoring Patient Status

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The Problem

Many accidents lead to nursing cases

Each year 37.3 million falls that are severe enough to require medical attention occur and an estimated 684’000 individuals die from falls globally. Alone in Switzerland and Germany, the rate of falls in hospitals is over 3% and even higher in nursing homes.

Our Solution

What is farosense?

Imagine you had to care for a sick or elderly person. Wouldn't it be great if you knew when and what help that person needed? - This is exactly the kind of information that faroSense determines and transmits with the help of a smart solution that consists of a contactless sensor system for secure patient monitoring and numerous apps on a platform. In the case of falls or fever attacks, for example, greater damage can be prevented quickly and preventively.

The Farosense platform consists of:

Alarms & Notes in case of emergencies


Interfaces to call systems

Apps & App-Platform

Technical facts

How does the sensor system work?

The contactless sensor device consists of the following component levels:

  • A technical optical level for designing the sensor-specific beam paths.
  • A sensor level with several sensors, which can also be used redundantly, for different lighting conditions and measurements for high detection accuracy.
  • A computing level with a powerful computer system and a small memory unit for temporary storage of the situation.
  • An interface level with numerous technical input and output interfaces.

3D depth sensor

Reliable spatial perception through state-of-the-art 3D distance measurement

2D temperature sensor

Reliable temperature measurement with high resolution

Radar with antenna array

Smallest movements are detected with mm-wave radar

Stereo camera

Only in the event of an alarm is it possible to look into the room to improve assistance.

Platform description

What can the faroSense platform do?

The sensor system is applicable in healthcare organisations or in the home care sector. The smart sensor device is installed in a room to be monitored and provides emergency and notification information with high accuracy via both a smartphone and desktop app (basic apps) and the existing patient call and home emergency call system (interfaces).


What can faroSense do?

The sensor system analyses the activity status of the persons in the room and the environment. If the following incidents occur, it passes on a manually or automatically triggered alarm or notice to the caregiver(s).

Fall detection and prevention

Prevention and recognition of falls

Irregular vital signs

Irregular vital signs such as breathing and pulse

Irregular temperature

Fever and hypothermia

In case of an alarm and note, the nurse can take care of the situation and optionally establish a video conference with the patient.

For data protection reasons, the data is analysed in the sensor device and only alarm and notification messages are transferred directly to other systems or apps.

Benefits of the faroSense sensor platform

For healthcare organisations

  • The main benefit of our sensor system is process optimisation and effort reduction with higher care quality.
  • Nursing staff can prioritise better and staff allocation is to be optimised for selected incidents.
  • Walkways can be reduced.
  • The care documentation is automatically prepared and can also be used for incident reporting to the correct insurance company for payment.
  • Possibility of increasing occupancy and the avoidance of penalties, e.g. through reductions in length of stay and case consolidation.
  • Increase the safety of the caregiver through the possibility of forwarding alarms and notes.
  • Supporting indicator for the assessment of diagnoses (such as epileptic seizures).

For patients & insurance companies

  • Major damage to health is to be avoided. For example, preventive advice can help to avoid falls and other incidents.
  • With the help of automatic alarms, emergencies can be detected more quickly and worse consequences can be reduced by quick intervention of the nursing staff.  
  • The high follow-up costs of an incident are prevented or reduced, improving patient well-being by providing valuable indicators to patients and caregivers.

Smartphone apps

What functions does the faroSense app and interfaces offer?

The app allows the user to directly get information about the patient via push message. The open API interface enables direct connection to nurse call systems and other programmes. This enables a flexible integration of our platform into existing systems.

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